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Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Properly

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I checked the temperature probe and its RTD values were correct.

Next thing to check?

Check the connections at probe and E.O.C. to ensure they are stable. Some suggest to hard wire the probe to harness to prevent loose connections. Only other PART that could be at fault is the E.O.C.. How did you deduce the oven was not heating properly? Oven thermometers are very inaccurate and may be the culprit. :D

I pulled the connector of the EOC (couldn't sneak the probes in with it plugged in) and they read the same as at the connector.  They resistance values matched the ones on the chart for what my thermometer said the temperature was.  So the meat thermometer appears to be correct.

I first thought there was a problem when I noticed items weren't cooking correctly.  Also when it said preheat was done I opened the oven and it didn't feel warm enough.

Most ranges preheat by time not temp. When I sold Maytag ranges we used this as a selling point because the Maytags preheated by temperature.
Any stove I ever checked temperature in needs 15 minutes to settle in.


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