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install new oven liner in electrolux oven

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Well that wasnt fun. It was held in place by two screws on the back. I disconnected everything and it started to come right out. Problem was it was binding up after it came out about an inch. It apparently had been dropped and a corner of the front of the oven was bent. I couldnt get it out. Looks like it would have slid right out if it had not been bent. They were unhappy to find that it was bent and are going to try and get the builder to replace the oven. Its a nearly new home.

Took a built in apart about two weeks ago, only took about 40 minutes slid the new one in , only to find the seem was split. Had to reorder.

I tried doing one about 5 years ago.   Was a nightmare.  Got everything loose,  and the dam thing just would not come out.     The one in there had several holes in it.    Wasted almost 3 hours on it.   Put it back together,  and ended up not charging anything.     Couldn't fix it.     I learned a valuable lesson - not worth replacing.    I would tell them to call factory service or get new oven.    Just not worth doing some jobs. 

I wont ever try to do it again. I have a feeling we might be getting more calls. Seems a lot of people are putting foil on the bottom of these ovens and it melts and sticks and sometimes causes it to buckle.

I've had a couple of whirlpool gas ranges ( both around 5 years old ) where the oven has expanded over time and the oven racks will collapse with a medium weight load .The liner is considered not a servicable part and n/a but a service rack is available , it's. 1/16" wider .Worked on one range the other no go .I did a g.e once and almost pulled my guts out .Never again .


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