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install new oven liner in electrolux oven

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Customer just called and wants me to install a new liner in her oven.  She put a piece of foil on the bottom of it and it melted and ruined the liner.  She called electrolux and they told her she needed a new liner.  Part number 318950103. model number EW30EW55GS7. 

She has already ordered and received the liner and wants me to install it.

anyone ever done this?

How does one go about this?

Not sure on this exact model, but the few oven liners I have removed were held in place by a couple threaded studs at the rear of the liner.

It takes a few hours. I did one on a Kenmore/Frigidaire a couple years ago. Ended up having to completely disassemble the oven. It took me about four hours with a helper even though management said i should have done it in less than 90 minutes...

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Yep, what Low said. Figure on 4 hours with a helper.

May I ask general price that this will cost to have done? :D


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