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maytag MAH4000AWW Final spin and random shut off problem


OK after 12 years of service the drum bearing gave out. After a couple days of cleaning, pressing, and some hammering I have replaced the drum bearings, the rear seal, and a new spinner arm or spinner shaft if you wish to call it. Get it all back together in the workshop and it spins up. Move it back up to the house and its a no go.  ??? Get told it took all day to do one load of was due it it shutting off all the time then final spin it ramps up to about half speed .. hold then stops, agitates, spins up, stops ... over and over till timer runs out.

I have tested all the drum switches, they all show closed with a meter, I have done the motor controller test, passed, did the phase test, passed, did the motor windings test all the windings were 2.4 - 2.5 Ohms. Everything I test shows good but it still will not spin up ???   Only thing that makes me wonder is while doing the phase test C and B the motor changed noise like they said it should.. it still ran no problem but phase A was no notice change like it did not care if A was there or not.

No burned up resistor on the main board. Wax motor works and moves as it should. 

I don't really have a suggestion for you other than check all connectors since it quit after you moved it. Hope you get it fixed. I sure like my Neptune...resurrected it with a repaired control PCB for $40.00.

Keep us posted.

Check the spin enable switch.  It's the one on the right side of the door latch. You can jump out the oob switches to eliminate them as a problem, just be sure to do it with an empty tub.


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