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Maytag Fridge MFI2665XEW, Compressor running hot, Freezer at 36 degrees

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--- Quote from: niobrara on January 29, 2013, 01:09:23 PM ---How are the new ones working with two Evaps and the switching valve and they have check valves in the lines how do they equalize

--- End quote ---

Not sure, have not had any training on them and have not worked on one yet.
Maybe a subject for a new topic...

Crazy Johnny:
We couldn't find anything wrong with the sealed system on this fridge, aside from a possible blockage somewhere.  We tried to run diagnostics on the control panel on the door using a tech sheet from a similar model and the control panel is doing some funny stuff.  My tech is thinking there's a problem with a thermistor or one of the control boards is bad.  Has anyone had experience with one of these units?

I vote blockage from what I have read, and I am sorry to tell you that. :D


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