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Make sure light shuts off. Had one where door sagged and light stayed on.

Earl Dryer:
Thank you, dab. You are correct, oddly enough when you zoom in on the part picture, both have the same part # but different prices.  61005790 is the one called for on this box, it was $20 more than the other control.
Stoveguy, I actually thought of that, but have no way of actually knowing, the switch seemed to function fine. There was a piece of insulation on the line so I slid it back to insulate it from the bulb and possibly any heat from the defrost timer motor. I will follow up tomorrow, I didn't get a chance today.

Pull evaporator panel and look at frost pattern.if pattern is a little low could that could make compressor run longer.Anytime I saw a light on in fresh food section that would cause poor cooling in fresh food section.Not freezing.

Zoom part on picture.I guess you are taking about the picture on web?They could be using same part to take the picture because they look alike.Just putting that out there if we are on the same page.

The ball definitely needs to be installed.


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