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Earl Dryer:
Well I am no longer stumped, it was a bad cold control. The part that I received was the wrong part in the wrong box. My parts place made it good and the customer is happy, but it cost me.
A valuable lesson learned: when shopping online and the catalog shows more than one part for the same application and there is no way to confirm the proper part my serial number, Talk to a real person.Sometimes that doesn't work. Had a customer with a Maytag stacked laundry center (front load washer) with a hollowing bearing, told them it was not a replaceable bearing, the whole outer tub had to be replaced. she didn't believe me and called the people in the blue vans, they told her it was and gave her a part number. She called me and asked if I would install it, I said I would (I just had to know), all the part manuals I found showed no bearing for that model. Anyway she ordered the part by number given to her, cost $70   shipping, turned out to be an idler pulley for the dryer. Wonder what she ever did with the washer?
I would share the Model # but I tossed it.

Use a commercial MAH21 Neptune model number to get the tub bearings. Front is 22002934, rear is 22003441.  Or use the generic numbers, 6207 for front, 6206 for the rear. And don't forget the tub seal, 12002022.

Earl Dryer:
Thank You, tgood.  Good info to have.  The parts breakdown for the model (which I no longer have) did not show a replacable Bearing. My experience with these has been very little but the ones that I have encountered have had a replacable rear bearing but the front bearing was molded into the tub. I did not waste the time to tear the machine down for exploritory because the part catalog called for the tub to be replaced.


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