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Earl Dryer:
Magic Chef CBT1925GRW Freezes everything. Damper is functioning fine. Cold control will shut down unit except in off. Replaced Cold control, same thing. Parts catalogs show 2 controls 61005789 & 61005790 further break down in substitute history narrows it to the 61005790 (which I replaced it with). FSP has the disclaimer, part may appear different but function the same, well this one was definitely different, it didn't have the fish weight on the end, just a coil which can't be properly secured.

The picture shows the weight on the end.  Whenever I run it that, I wrap the tube around the original weight.

Earl Dryer:
Thought of that but, the coil on the end of the new one is a tight wrap (like around a pencil) and 1 1/4" long. I am afraid I will break the tubing unwinding and rewinding, don't want to throw 60 bucks down the tubes.

Its a maytag Refrigerator and there are two different parts with 2 different part numbers .You need to no the serial number of refrigerator to use the right one.Thats why you need the series # when you look it up.Series 10 and 13 which correlates to a different thermostat for the serial number you have.Thats Maytag for you.

Repair Clinic has both with the fish tail as you call it .Make sure you install the right one.Or part number.


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