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Kenmore Dryer F 22 code

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Kenmore Dryer Model # 110.97081601  F 22 code which is the Thermistor,  I replaced it,  now it works fine for a couple 3 loads and then starts the F 22 code again,   then if you wait a bit it works fine and dries the clothes just fine........any thoughts ?
Does this on any cycle, timed or auto.
thanks for your help !

Check exhaust for any restriction, remove excess lint.

there is no lint  the dryer was cleaned up when I replaced the's cleaner than new inside.

From the tech sheet i have attached.

--- Quote ---F:22 flashes if the outlet thermistor is open. ■ See TEST #4a, page 7.
--- End quote ---

Did you do the test on page 7?

Is F:22 flashing or not flashing?

Your dryer is the gas model, correct?

F 22 flashes, I have not run the test, I will and thank you for the help !


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