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LG DLEX2501 Electric - Slow drying


Have an LG DLEX2501 Electric:

Symptoms:  4-5 cycles needed to dry clothes, changing heat level on front has no effect.  Timed dry has no effect.

So far:  cleared all lint. 
Both heaters come on in service mode (can dry clothes in ~ 45mns in service mode). 
Moisture sensor working ok: checked continuity of harness by shorting pins 2&6 (0.3ohm) and in service mode, the moisture sensor reads 250-255 empty and quickly drops to 30 when damp cloth placed across it.

So heating element must be ok, and thermistor is listed as "not common".  Is this simply the controller?  Next step?

These come up in service mode, could not find info on any:

Although "E5" is listed later on in the service manual (after pressing start/pause 4times), this came up with the other two.  The pump test appeared successful: started at 130 and then dropped to 27.



If your clothes are becoming hot and humid towards the end of the cycle, AIRFLOW is not adequate. Rear vent temps on a working LG DRYER on HIGH temp setting should be 135/165 degrees Fahrenheit. Your model should have FLOWSENSE technology built in. Insure your unit has cooled down to ambient temp and run as stated in owner/operator manual. This will gauge your venting. If it heats and tumbles, nothing else missing besides airflow. E5 is related to the steam generator pump. TEx errors are what you are interested in. Very low possibilty the main pcb is reading incorrectly.  :D


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