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wfw9250ww F6 error

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They said they got it 2 years ago from a scratch and dent place. Also did not know to use HE detergent and had been using regular stuff. She bought it for $400.

Oh and too make matters worse, it had the dryer stacked on top, it was upstairs, stuck in a custom made hole in the wall. Apparently they assembled it, hooked it up and used a dolly to roll the whole assembly in. I couldnt even reach the outlet to unplug it.

Them are the worst ones to work on!


--- Quote from: schleven on January 28, 2013, 12:45:45 PM ---I have a customer that just called.  Has a wfw9250 washer with an F6 error.  I want to be prepared for this and cant find any info on that error code.  Any input is appreciated.

--- End quote ---
WIERD question.... Are you in the Cincinnati area? Just saw this. :D


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