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GE coil module JXGR53B


I need 2 coil module units for a GE slide-in downdraft range, model # JSP69BVBB.   The coil module accessory unit model # JXGR53B.  New or used part will work.  Please help............ answer at *****  Thx


I have removed your email as replies to your topic can be posted here. It's how a forum works.

Have you checked here?

or here for your parts?
GE Range JSP69BVBB Repair Parts

Could you just rebuild/repair it instead of replacing the whole module?

Thx AJ - I would love to be able to rebuild the old module, but it's gone.  This stove is in a rental property and the last tenant was evicted for non-pmt of rent.  They left mad and knocked holes in the walls and stole a bunch of stuff just for spite.  They stole or trashed both the range coil modules.   

GE stopped making parts for this unit in late 2006.  It is a down draft unit and is not easy to replace the complete stove.  I was hoping to find a couple of them in left over stock in some appliance parts store or find used units.  I've tried Repair Clinic and Appliance Parts Pros, neither have the complete unit.  I can find some parts here and there but cannot find enough to rebuild both modules.  The cost to part together a module is over $500, so I'm looking for used units if at all possible.


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