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Having electronics training is a great start. But that alone is not enough to be a professional appliance repairman. You need some on the job training to get acquainted with the various brands and how they come apart.Also you will need some refrigeration skills. I worked at a place for 8 years before going out on my own. It is a great way to work for yourself. You will need enough money to get by on until you get your customer base built up. For the first couple of years I would have made more money had I stayed at my previous job. You need to be self motivated. There is no one to tell you to get up and get after it.

If you want family time at home take the security alarm or production job 40 HRS a week.

If you do drugs, you'll be on the streets in 2 days.

If you drink a lot, you'll be dead before 55.

If you work as an independent, you gotta stay clean and sober.  To take on warranty work for a manufacturer, you'll be required to do a drug test and background check at your own expense. 

Recommend you talk to the appliance repair company that sponsored your program and see if they would hire you.  Learn all you can.  It takes about 5 years of experience to be considered a pro.

I'm in the Contra Costa Area of California.  Yes you can make a lot of money but you'll have to work hard for it.  $200k / year is possible but you got to be really good at what you're doing.

Good luck.

You might want to consider the security alarm company, instead.

I do appliances, and I feel unfaithful saying this, but the security alarm company is probably the better bet.

The reason against appliances is because there is a low upper limit to how much you can charge a job - its less than the cost of the machine.

The security alarm company, on the other hand, will give you great experience for your own business - as a locksmith.

To get a license in California, you need a clean background check and about $175.  Then you have your license.  Picking locks is easy in the basics, if you have the tools.  You need the license to get the tools, otherwise they are "burglary tools." 

The web has forums for locksmiths too, but you have to register with your license to get access to their info.

The big money as a locksmith is in the electronic security systems.  If you learn that, and get the cheap and easy license, you have real potential for a business. plus the articles say locksmithing is going up, while appliance repair is going down.

Either profession can be run from a van parked in front of your house.

You could have your own business, complete with an additional Contractor's permit in security/locks in less than 4 years, maybe.

What kind of electronic school did you go to?


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