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Hi, I'm new. I'm about to finish an Electronics class, I'm 28yrs old. I've been told that after the class ends Some sponsers of the class might hire us. One of the sponers is an appliance company. The others are a security alarm company and the other is Agilent, they are a part of Hewlet Packerd.
I was wondering if this is a good field to enter, do most of you guys own a home have children?
Is this job hard on the body, is it a good job for a family man, if I ever have kids.
Could a person make good money in this. If I work at the security company I'll set up security systems and if I work at Agilent I'm sure I'll be a production worker. I LIVE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, SONOMA COUNTY BETTER KNOWN AS WINE COUNTRY. If that makes a difference.

Your best bet is to work fora company for a few years, get some experience, and go out on your own and work for yourself.

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  Hopefully if you decide to work for the man or take the production line job you don't become a miserable, hopeless drunk. :D

 So some of the appliance workers are not happy? you guys drink alot :cheers:? and do drugs?
 I know its diffrent for everyone. Everyone tells me to take the appliance job, so I could start my own bussiness. But thats easier said then done, and I know that. How much money do you guys make on a good year? In California, if anyone of you live there.

I work for $ears and it's horrible. They don't pay well and work you to death. I got hurt in June and if all goes well, I'll be back on the road next month.  I know it sounds bad, but it's still good experience.  You can learn about what's out there, learn how to interact with customers, and learn about how to (and how not to) run an appliance repair business. I'm starting my own business right now and will be on my own sometime this year. You can do it, even here in the bay area. There are a lot of independents, but more than half of them are scammers and losers.

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