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Samsung dishwasher DMT800RHS/XAA


Dishwasher originally displaying 9E code.  Replaced case assm sensor (gunked up bad), case brake, & door switch (old one was not turning machine off when door was opened.   
While waiting for parts home owner removed old brake & sensor letting the spill catch fill with drain hose water.  Sat for a week with unit breaker off on drain catch in water. 
 When I put parts in & flipped breaker leak sensor shorted due to water in leak catcher with display code shoing LE & drain pumping out.  No problem, pulled  unit out fliped on back dryed catch out, dried 4 prongs of leak detecter.  Put back togther unit still displaying LE error code.  Also door opening does not shut unit down, drain still energized.   
What could be wrong - main control unit fried?  Somebody have experiance with this DW?


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