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Gun control...coming to a state near you.

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Went to Georgia last year with my wife from New Jersey. I was born in the south and she was shock when my nephew and brother   in law were carrying pistols and saw sighs outside churches saying please leave your guns outside the church.In New Jersey that will get you a prison time with BUBBA.for years.

Well this topic is just over two years old now and for the first time I'm just starting to see 22 ammo on the store shelves again around here.

A local store had hundreds of CCI brand (50 count) boxes on the shelf yesterday. I asked for ten boxes (did not want to seem greedy) and was told I could only purchase four boxes per day.

So I purchased my four boxes yesterday and then stopped back first thing this morning to purchase another four boxes. They must have already sold about half of what was on the shelf the day before. Could not believe that many had already been sold with the four box limit they placed on them.

Well out of town doing some work this morning I stopped at another store that also just got some 22 ammo in. They had a limit of five boxes.

I sure hope this means I will start seeing more 22 ammo around this year.

Two years ago when everyone was telling me about the 22 ammo shortage I did not listen so I did not stock up as I had a few boxes. But probably just enough to go shooting once or twice at the most.

Because I had so little ammo on hand I did not feel much like shooting last year as I felt it would really suck to shoot up what little ammo I had and not be able to get anymore.

After all I had to keep some ammo on hand for the Zombie attack. ;)

Now that I'm starting to see 22 ammo around again I'm getting the urge to stock up this time around.

Got ammo?

Of coarse I'm paying twice as much for them as I did two years ago too.


--- Quote from: Earl Dryer on January 26, 2013, 09:41:06 PM ---
You know all the new ammo will be the new generation powder & primers that won't fire after 90 days, sounds flaky but several gunsmiths have told me the same story. Hope my crossbow string is not self destructing.

--- End quote ---

I agree, sounds flaky. ;)

What's a gun?



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