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Gun control...coming to a state near you.

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I remember a post about what appliance guys did for fun and most responses had something to do with guns ,at least those were the responses that caught my eye.  I live in upstate NY and our effin Governor (Cuomo) drafted the toughest gun laws in the US late at night and didn't allow the public to review it in the 3 day viewing period as perscribed by NY law for fear of massive protests and all the democraps signed it early in the morning the next day and here we are. 

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, New York became the first state following the massacre to enact stricter gun control laws when it passed the NY SAFE Act on January 15, 2013. New measures include:[7][25]
 1) Bans possession of any high-capacity magazines regardless of when they were made or sold. The maximum capacity for a detachable magazine is reduced from ten rounds to seven. Magazines owned before passage of the SAFE Act able to hold seven to ten rounds can be possessed, but cannot be loaded with more than seven rounds. The magazine limit takes effect April 15, 2013.[26]
 2) Ammunition dealers are required to do background checks, similar to those for gun buyers. Dealers are required to report all sales, including amounts, to the state. Internet sales of ammunition are allowed, but the ammunition will have to be shipped to a licensed dealer in New York state for pickup.
 3) Requires creation of a registry of assault weapons. Those New Yorkers who already own such weapons would be required to register their guns with the state.
 4) Requires any therapist who believes a mental health patient made a credible threat of harming others to report the threat to a mental health director, who would then have to report serious threats to the state Department of Criminal Justice Services. A patient's gun could be taken from him or her.
 5) Stolen guns are required be reported within 24 hours. Failure to report can result in a misdemeanor.
 6) Reduces definition of "assault weapon" from two identified features to one.
 7) Requires background checks for all gun sales, including by private sellers - except for sales to members of the seller's immediate family.
 8) Makes the unsafe storage of assault weapons a misdemeanor.
 9) Bans the Internet sale of assault weapons.
 10) Increases sentences for gun crimes including for taking a gun on school property.
 11) Increases penalties for shooting first responders (Webster provision) to life in prison without parole.
 12) Limits the state records law to protect handgun owners from being identified publicly.
 13) Requires pistol permit holders or owners of registered assault weapons to have them renewed at least every five years.

I just got back from my local gun dealer and the place has been packed all week.  The shelves are empty of firearms and ammo.  The owner is excited about sales but is nervous about restocking guns and ammo because this is going on all over the country and most items are on factory backorder.

What a country, these lib's just chit on the constitution because they think they know whats best for you.  We have to fight this.
This is the beginning of gun confiscation and it's coming to a state near you.  >:(

A couple weeks ago someone from northern Minnesota was telling me about the ammo shortage.

The next day I was out of town (South Dakota) doing some shopping and stopped in a large farm & fleet/sporting goods store to check out the ammo situation. Heck the shelfs were full of ammo. I mostly shoot 22's and 9mm. There was a ton of ammo on the shelfs yet so I did not buy any.

Two weeks later I was back in the same store and walked by the same shelfs only to see them completely empty! Just two week before that there was a ton of 22 ammo. Cases full of bricks in at least a half dozen different brands, but it was all gone! Same with the 9mm ammo.

When I got back home I went out to our local small town farm & fleet store and bought a few bricks of 22 ammo. They did not have much left for ammo at all. A few bricks of 22 ammo, no 9mm and it looked like all riffle ammo was gone.

I did not want to get all caught up in the crazy frenzy of stocking up on firearms and ammo, but man it sure would be nice to be able to purchase some ammo when I want to go out with my 22 and plink at some pop cans. :)

Earl Dryer:
It's that way down here in Texas, too. I was in the local hardware store and a man was looking for 22 shell for his granddaughter to shoot her new rifle she got for Christmas, none. He said he called all the Walmarts and sporting goods stores in Abilene, Dallas, Ft.Worth, Waco and Austin, nobody had any. I started looking found 9mm &.380 pistol ammo gone. All the small bore rifle shelves were empty. Sound like the last ditch run on freon. :(
You know all the new ammo will be the new generation powder & primers that won't fire after 90 days, sounds flaky but several gunsmiths have told me the same story. Hope my crossbow string is not self destructing.

How long does ammo usually last? I have stuff 25+ years old?

I shot up a box of 22 ammo last year that must have been all of 25 years old.
Seem to work just fine.


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