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Samsung french door # rfg297aapn ice despensor won't kick the ice out.


Hey does anybody have the wiring diagram for this Samsung fridge (french door) model. RFG297AAPN. Somebody destroyed the one on the back. The problem is the ice dispenser won't dispense ice.

Here it is in our store, but being you started a new topic asking for it along with sharing what is wrong with the refrigerator I sent you a copy via PM.;sa=view;id=156

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

First, thanks AJ for sending that wiring diagram. The problem was the owners moved and in the process broke what I'll call the third door switch. Its  not on many models and I can't find it anywhere to order it. Its not on any bodies parts list or draining???? I even went to a a dealer and looked at the ones on the showroom floor and none of them had it. It is the switch that has two red wires going to it and has a rubber nipple that goings over the end that you see when you open the door. What I was wondering could I BY PASS IT? I did and the dispenser works great now. Again thanks AJ.


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