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Service Manual For Kenmore Pro Built-In Oven #790.42003


I am needing a service manual for a Kenmore Pro Built-In Oven  model# 790.42003 and Kenmore Pro Gas Cooktop model# 790.3100.
The 17.2k burner won't ignite on the cooktop and customer is getting error code "6" on the built-in oven when the convection is turned on.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Did you end up finding out what the problem was? I was not able to locate any info on these models, sorry.

I did a lot of searching but also couldn't find any info on these. I also have the manuals on DVD I ordered from this site (they are invaluable).  I am going tomorrow to take a look at the board, connections, etc. to see if I can find a problem. I ordered a new ignitor assy for the burner and I will see if that solves that problem. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks AJ.


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