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  Hoping someone can help me.  I have a 10 year old GE top loading washer.  In the last week it had stopped spinning and was leaving the clothes wet.  Additionally, the washer would continue to run from cycle to cycle just never spinning.  The machine would not spin no matter what I tried.   I did some internet research and checked the following.  I checked the inlet and outlet drainage and no blockages were located.  I checked the pressure tubing and found some blockage.  I replaced the tubing and the washer now spins fine.  The issue is if I start a load on on the "casual" side of the dial the washer will run through that cycle and go through the "whites" side before stopping.  If I start on the "whites" side it will stop at the end of the cycle.  Other than that it seems to be running fine.  Ideas?

If unit is running beyond the end of one cycle selection and into the next, then I would say you have a timer issue. Post a model number and maybe we can help you a little better.

   The Model# is WCSR2080B4CC.  Thanks again.

I agree with Harold.Sounds like timer to me.

Thanks for the replies.  One more question before I order the timer.  I checked the timer and water pressure switch with a voltmeter and everything seems to be be fine.  If I take off the switch on the right side of the washer to start the cycle and take off the thin plate which connects to the timer and then put everything back on the washer will go for 2 to 3 cycles and run normally before it starts to run through each cycle continuously.  Would this still be the timer or is the issue with the knob?  Complete amateur so sorry if the question is ridiculous. 


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