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Kenmore 110C87562600 HE2 squeeking

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Yep. By the time the squeal starts the bearing is ruined. Lube is just a temp fix.

OOPzy This is one of them 4 wheel drive deals. Should have looked it up before commenting. Zoomspout oil would work fine as a lube. WD-40 is flammable and won't cut it. I ain't never seen a need to replace one of these style idlers and never sold any of em either.

I didn't think that was a correct model number. The pulley tgoods is talking about could very well be the problem if that is the design. As for the other design pulley, the one without the wheel, it is also known to squeak and prematurely break a belt. Therefore it Is always best to replace with old style pulley with wheel.

I had an apartment complex that had 2 of these dryers. I lubed one with zoom spout and the other with Royal Purple Synthetic oil. 2 weeks later the one with zoom spout started again, lubed it with Royal Purple and it's been 4 months. I used to believe in zoom spout but no more. Why do we use synthetic blend oil in our cars but not on anything else?

I use emery cloth to sand down roller shaft and put a film of synthetic oil on shaft then use a soft rag to wipe oil and emery grit off shaft and then install new pulley.So there is really no oil left on shaft.


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