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GE Refridgerator compressor not running

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Found this fridge at room temperature evap and cond fans running and compressor not.   Unconnected the molex by the compressor (while power still connected at wall) and plugged back in and compressor took off and started cooling things down.  Unplugged the fridge from the wall and plugged back in and waited  :popcorn:  both fans on no compressor.  Unplugged the molex and reconnected and again good to go.
Am I correct in thinking the mother board is bad?  The unit is running and it's a property mgmt. service call so they want to do the wait and see approach.  My thinking is it's only a matter of time if not after the first time it cycles off that it will not kick back on.  I did clean the coils while I was back there but they were in good shape and don't think it's a overheat problem.
Thanks for any thoughts!

Sounds like the mother board to me.

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To be honest, does not make any logical sense to me. How can ANY part be thought of to be replaced without simple trouble shooting. Either the power is there or it is not. Connecting or unconnecting should have no adverse affect on compressor operation. Ptc Starter ohm ok? Voltage at comp when not running? This should be simple.  :D

Yes all check out including thermisters and heater circuit.  That is why I am going with my gut feeling with the mother board.  Just looking for some thoughts to see if my "guess" is right or if someone had a knowledge of why it would jump start just by unpluging and re-plugging.  It leads me to think the board's logic is bypassed by what I did for some reason...have no idea how and would love to know why.  I don't like part swapping so looking for information as well as if I'm on the right course. :D

Forgot to voltage at compressor and not running which is how I stumbled on the reconnect "jump" start to it during my troubleshooting.  Thought maybe a loose connection.   No tech sheet or wiring diagram on unit to trace the circuit.
Any thought's as to why and if I'm still on the right path would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You, Big Buck and do you have any ideas Domain? 


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