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GE Profile Gas Dryer Shuts down after 10 seconds

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I have a GE Profile Gas Dryer - Model # DPVH880GJMG Front Load Gas Dryer (7.5 Cubic Feet) that shuts down after only 10 seconds of run time, 1st time I'm working on one of these bad boys. They have 2 separate motors, one for the drive belt another motor for the blower fan. Once again the tech sheet is missing on this Dryer so I can't even run a Diagnostic test. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Dryer will start up again time and time again but shuts off after only 10 seconds????

Anyone happen to have a tech sheet to this one? I would even consider buying a Service Manual just to have around in the event I run into this type of machine again.

Thanks again.

Can you post any photos of the machine? I would say the thermistor is open and the control cannot get a reading then it shuts down. On a gas dryer the fuse also if it is bad usually means the gas assembly won't get power. I am leaning toward an open or shorted thermitor though. Let us know what you find out

Do you know the part # for the thermistor?

There are three thermostats listed: outlet control (#240), Rack Dry Thermostat (#197), T-Stat Out Thermostat (#230)

Do you know which one is the Thermistor. Parts diagram does not list Thermistor

I could not find a service manual or tech sheet for this model, sorry.

I did find a similar topic on a similar GE model dryer, but the topic starter never did come back and let us know what the solution ended up being. :(

Maybe another tech will be able to help us out.

I would think it would be the outlet control WE4M448 or WE4M300 see if any of em is open parts 230 and/or maybe 240:

Note: above link was the only one I could find.


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