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evap fan motor resistance sumsung french door rf265aash


got a reading of 400k red and black wire   has a white wire reading , have no 12v reading from plug but motor does run when hooked to external 12v. thinking of repl main board and evap motor. Need help... thanks guys   Nick


Are you checking voltage to the evap fan motor with the freezer door switch closed?
Sounds like you are on the track about the main board being bad if the fan motor runs when you connected it to external power.

I sent you the service manual for your refrigerator via PM.
Maybe you will find it helpful.

Let us know how you turn out with the refrigerator or if you have any other questions.


Thanks AJ for the note and the service manual. exactly what I needed. This is a great forum and you have been most helpful. Will check back as I progress with repair. Again thanks . greatly appreciaded... Nick C


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