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Smelly in Battle Ground:
We do not get any odor from the disposal. 
I clean out the traps on a regular basis (generally, nothing there) and the dishwasher is super duper clean. 

I still would try that lemi shine it will not hurt.All dishwasher today and washer machine today you have to use a cleaner to clean the washer or you could get a smell.They use less water.38 years in business.

Is that the only place in your house you get a smell?


--- Quote from: Smelly in Battle Ground on January 19, 2013, 01:05:27 PM ---Thank you for the ideas.  We do use Jetdry. 
I will look into an inline filter.
One question.  I've read that there is a rod in the hot water heater that can go out yet still heat the water.  Is this a viable possibility?

--- End quote ---
     Water heaters have an anode rod, which reduces corrosion inside the heater.    Certain rods, combined with certain water ( often well water) can create an odor in the water.    A plumber can change the anode to a different material type for that issue.   If you are not on a well, this is usually NOT a problem.

Smelly in Battle Ground:
We don't notice a smell in the bathroom.
--- Quote from: dab147315 on January 19, 2013, 02:13:57 PM ---Is that the only place in your house you get a smell?

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