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I think Smelly lives in Battle Ground WA-air gap reqired there.

The building code in our state requires the air gap if the drain goes into the disposal. You can get around that if you install a standpipe under the sink and drain it like a washer.

Smelly in Battle Ground:
Thank you everyone for your help. I will try these ideas.

 I seem to have contracted a computer virus so discontinuing this chat. 

Change the water inlet hose.  It's possible that the plastic hose is leeching the plastic chemical into the water from the high temperature hot water.  Use hose only designed for dishwashers.


--- Quote --- I've read that there is a rod in the hot water heater that can go out yet still heat the water.  Is this a viable possibility?

--- End quote ---
Anode rod can go bad, causing bad smell in hot water.


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