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Samsung RFG237AA: No water from dispenser

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I've a RFG237AA french door refrigerator, but it doesn't give any water from the water dispenser.. I've changed the filter and it does still make a quiet buzzing noise when you press the lever, but no water. Does anyone have a repair manual so I can start taking it apart? Is SAM00097 side-by-side the closest thing?

You gotta prime the filter by pushing the water dispenser till the water comes out and stop spiting and sputtering. Did you do that?

SAM0097 Service manual sent via PM

Make sure the water supply to the refrigerator is turned on and the water line did not get kinked or pinched.

The water line going to the dispenser may have frozen shut or you may have a faulty water inlet valve.

FWIW.... I had a black SAMSUNG model similar to this one and had same issue. Something was FULLY blocking the line to/through the door. I am unsure if it was possibly frozen or what. I could NOT get it to flow. All other aspects checked out besides line blocked. It got swapped.  :embarassed: :D

Yes have tried to prime the filter. It was doing 'no water' before the filter change, so don't think that is the issue. Also I get ice made so there is water in the system.

Thanks for the manual, I'll take a few things to bits to see if I can work out where the blockage is.


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