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GE electric range JB400P1WW


I hate hidden bake elements. Went out on this stove to install an element the customer had purchased. Easy call right? First off I couldn't find where the element was. Sitting there scratching my head I finally got the brilliant idea to look for a tech sheet. Turns out you have to lift the top and remove the left side panel. Even following the directions I had a hard time finding a screw that is inside the left front leg. Finally, there is the ends of the element. One more piece of sheet metal to remove and the element will slide out. Not so fast. The element had shorted out and welded itself to the bottom of the oven.The slot that the element slides in to is about 1" tall and the stuck part was just barely out of reach of my longest screwdriver. Told the customer what was going on and she let me rummage through her husbands garage. Found a piece of flat steel and used it and a hammer to dislodge the stuck section. Cmon, do people care if the element is in sight or not? This is just a marketing ploy.

Most of the time its to save precious seconds on the assembly line. But i agree, hidden bake elements are nightmares. I always quote high on the labor and try to get two hours to do it.

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Notice how the porcelain right above the element is blistered and cracked? Everyone I meet that has one hates it. Takes too long to heat up as well.

Interesting. All the LG stoves I have encountered have HIDDEN elements. I have never personally seen cracked/stressed enamel on them, so that is interesting to hear or such. I also have never had to replace a HIDDEN element on an LG. As far as long preheat times, I have never thought about it but now that you mention it, I AGREE! :D


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