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GE washer that won't fill all the way in rinse cycle

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Some of these models may have a knob on the control panel for if you add fabric softer turn that on and maybe it will fill with more water in the rinse cycle.This is true on some whirlpool models.

Is there an options switch that says “Power Rinse” or “Fabric Softener” If not posts what options this washer has.

On some of these washers they don’t fill up on rinse unless you select one of these options.

Our GTWN2800D0WW just began doing the same thing.  Fills fine on wash cycle, only fills half way or less on rinse then begins to try to agitate.  "Power Rinse" setting didn't help, seems that causes a spin cycle after wash where otherwise it only spun after rinse.  Used to fill fine without "Power Rinse" selected.

In service 9 months, but we bought it as a test model so it's already out of warranty.  (Probably wasn't worth saving $50 for less warranty.)

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome, including suggestions on a decent washer to replace this with!

Thank you!

I decided to replace the timer anyway.  One time it seemed to fill all the way up on rinse then once it didn't.  It almost seems that the timer does not shut off while the rinse water is comming in so it times out and starts to agitate where in the origional fill the timer motor shut off until it reaches the correct fill level on the water level control.  I have not heard from the customer yet so I'm not sure if it working or she is just putting up with it.  She was filling it up with a hose from the laundry tub in the rinse cycle when it would not fill completely.  I'll call her and let you know if it has been working or not.  Tom


  I have the mini-manual for the M1WS version of this washer. You must have the fabric softener switch on to get full water level in rinse cycle. With it off, power will be applied to the timer motor during rinse fill via fabric softener pressure switch bypass contacts in the timer.



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