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GE washer that won't fill all the way in rinse cycle

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I found this site on the net, I know this is  almost a year old posting
I ran across this same problem today, I read all the post, leading up to mine
Was the timer the culprit or was the fabric softener in the off position the problem
 thanks, this is a great site. O0


  What is your washer model number?


It is a friends washer, I was checking


  When washer is in wash fill, the timer does not advance while filling, fill level is determined by setting of level control (pressure switch). Same applies in rinse with fabric softener switch on. With fabric softener switch off, power is applied to timer motor while filling and fill level is determined by timer, not pressure switch and this is why you get low level fill.


thanks, I was going to order a timer, I didn't check the fabric softener switch

I will the call the Lady, get her to check the switch deal
                  thanks  :thanks:


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