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GE washer that won't fill all the way in rinse cycle

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Hey everyone,  Got a GE washer, model no: GTWN3000M2WS serial no: VV160512G that won't fill all the way on the rinse cycle.  The main wash cycle will fill fine with small, large & super.  When it gets to the rinse cycle the washer will only fill to about the low level.  I checked the water level pressure tube to see if it is blocked, it's OK and clean.  I thought maybe there is a seperate water level switch for the rinse cycle but no there is only one in the control panel.  The wiring shows only one timer segment to fill on rinse but there is a water level bypass at rinse in the timer.  Do you think I could have a bad timer.  The washer is just over a year old and out of warranty.  This just started to happen where the clothes were comming out soapy and not rinsed good.  Has anyone else had this trouble and how did you repair it.  Thanks for any help, Tom

Once it only fill's half way for the rinse cycle I would pull the hose off the pressure switch to see if it starts filling up some more.
If it does then you know it has to be something with the hose or pressure switch.

Does it only fill about half way for rinse on all the cycles or just one?

AJ, I checked out this washer today.  The main wash cycle fills all the way, then when it gets to the rinse cycle it only fills to about the low level and starts to agitate.  When it stopped filling I pulled off the water level pressure switch hose and it did not fill anymore.  I replaced the water level control anyway and guess what?  It did not correct the problem.  Still only low fill on any rinse cycle.  I copied the washer tech sheet from inside the control panel and it looks like there is a pressure switch bypass in the timer that may be bad.  Have you ever heard of this?  The timer is part no: wh12x10535.  Do you  think I should order one and try it?  Thanks again, Tom


--- Quote ---I copied the washer tech sheet from inside the control panel
--- End quote ---

Can you post it here or scan it and email me a copy then I will post it?

I'll try to scan it.  We'll see if it works. Thanks


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