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Samsung WF220ANWXAA


Looking for a service manual for the above mentioned Samsung washer. Will not spin. Would like to have information on tear down, diagnostics, error code descriptions, etc.


The only thing I can find on this model are the diagrams on the sears site.
WF220ANWXAA Diagrams

Did you remove the top cover and look for the tech sheet?

--- Quote ---Will not spin.
--- End quote ---

Can you give us some more details?
Does the washer shut off at the spin cycle?

Is there water sitting in the tub yet at the end of the cycle?

Any error codes being displayed?

Thanks, I saw the diagrams on sears. I have not been out on it yet, the owner said she did not see any codes, but the diagnostic would confirm that. Will definitely check for drain issues. I was just trying to research it a little before I went out it. 

Ok, hard to say without some more details.
Please let us know what you end up finding wrong.

Will do. Glad to find this forum.


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