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Kitcheaid gas range heats to about 300F. door locks and oven shuts down


Hello everyone,  I just ran into a Kitchenaid gas slide-in range model no: KGST300FWH0 & serial no: IM62981643 that has a oven problem.  The oven will heat up to about 300-degrees then the door lock light will come on, the door will lock and the oven will shut off.  After it cools down the door will unlock and the door lock light will shut off.  At one time the customer said she saw a fault code of F5:E7.  I found the wiring sticker on the back of the unit but can not find any other info on this model.  Do you know what might cause this problem or where I might be able to get a service manual for this model?

I have attached the tech sheet.  F5:E7 is a problem with the door latch.

Last time she called me and said she got a F1E3 fault code.  The tech sheet helped as I ran the reconfiguration steps listed and it has been working ok since.  Thanks for all your help, Tom


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