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GE Profile PDWT580V00SS Sound panel

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Just exchanged a GE Profile PDWT480V00SS for this next model up and am having trouble attaching the sound panel (plastic piece with foam) to the dishwasher, it doesn't seem to line up.  Had a GE tech out today and he said this piece isn't needed...that it's for dishwashers under higher counters and just screwed on the silver colored toe kick.  We didn't have any problem installing the foam piece on the 480 model.  Can someone please verify if this information is correct?  I'm having a feeling the repairman just didn't want to deal with the issue.  Thanks...


--- Quote ---Just exchanged a GE Profile PDWT480V00SS for this next model up
--- End quote ---

Whats the model number of the one you exchanged for?

I exchanged it for the PDWT580V00SS.  Thanks for any info you can provide.

PDWT480V00SS uses Insulation Tub Blanket Part # WD01X10448

PDWT580V00SS also uses the same one according to the parts diagrams.

GE Dishwasher PDWT480V00SS Parts Diagrams

GE Dishwasher PDWT580V00SS Parts Diagrams

So it should be the same as your old one if we are talking about the same part.

Here is a Photo of Part # WD01X10448


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