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I need a service manual for a fisher & Paykel dishwasher. Model# DD6031S/D
Double Drawer. Both Drawers are not working.

Check my cache of service manuals and could not find one.
Maybe another member will be able to locate and share one with us.

Both drawers won't power on? Or they don't clean? Did you check for leaks? The DD603 is similar to the DD602 if that helps...

Edit: Found the service manual. I can't attach it because the file size is too large. Try this link..

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AJ just installed a water valve on a dd603 and it was from the library I bought from you so I know it's there...I will try and find it to post.

Well heck I do have that one too.

Some day's I just can't find nothing, lol...

Thanks LowSL2  O0


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