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maytag halo of heat Electric dryer de806.

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You can test the switch at the timer with a meter for continuity. Sounds like the switch is bad. Whenever we came across one we usually had a bad switch.( wouldn't shut off was most common symptom.) 33302528 was the switch and 303049 was the control I think. Been so long since I have seen one can't remember how to test. I used to have the books and Maytag doesn't even list that unit on the Whirlpool site so I am sorry as I can't give you more. Is the diagram still on the rear of the control panel?

Maytag Dryer DE806 Parts Diagrams

yes I do have A schematic for my dryer but its glued to the back of the dial cover so its not flat but I could maybe try taking A photo of it and post it here if I could figure that out.


You should be able to post the photo as a attachment in your next reply. If you have any trouble just email me the photo of your schematic and I will post it for you. I sent you my email address via PM.

here is a photo


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