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maytag halo of heat Electric dryer de806.

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Im sorry but I dont understand how you want me to test the switch could you explain a little more for me.

Thanks again


Pull the red-black wires off of the control switch.Pull the yellow-green wires off. Push the knob in. Your meter should show that the contacts have closed when you put the leads on those terminals on the switch. Now do the same thing between red and yellow green. This time the meter should only show continuity while you hold the knob in and should show open when you release the knob.

Yes hello again,
 I am sorry not to get back to you until now, I just wasn't able to get to it till today.

so I did what you said and when I connected  the meter to the switch terminals where the yellow green wire was and the red black wire was it showed continuity and didn't do anything when I pushed the knob in.

so the switch must be the problem that is if I did it right. LOL

then I put the red black wire back on and pulled the red wires off and connected to its terminal and the yellow greens terminal and the meter showed closed and when I pushed the knob in it showed open or continuity like you said it should.

so I think I saw that the part was around 53.00 so I think I'm going to do that since we couldn't replace her for that.

Thanks again for every ones help



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