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maytag halo of heat Electric dryer de806.

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The door switch has a yellow wire with a black stripe and a red wire with a black stripe. follow them up to the control switch, disconnect one of them and then check for continuity through the door switch. Open and close the door while your meter is connected and you will see the change, if the switch is good.


yes I did what you said and tested for continuity and, I do have continuity for the door switch.  :(

Thanks for your help.

 what do you think is the next thing if any I should try.


you need new timer-NLA in my area.

Is there A way to test the push button switch  33302528 as described above?

Thanks again


There are two set of contacts that you need to check. #1 and #3. Pick the regular cycle and push the knob in. #3 should show continuity. #1 is a momentary contact and will only show continuity while you have the knob held in.


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