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maytag halo of heat Electric dryer de806.

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 I have A older maytag halo of heat Electric dryer de806. that was working fine and the next time I went to use it, when I turned it on all it would do is buzz like the load was finished.

 so I checked the belts in the back and they are all on and the drum turns when I turn it by hand reach inside the dryer.

I could hold the knob in while it rings and I can hear the drum turn and or the dryer start working except the buzzer keeps ringing so I didnt do that for very long to keep from burning out some thing.

so I checked the door switch and it seems to be working fine. I pushed on it and it clicks and I am not sure how to get the switch out to check it with a voltage meter.

it is in the upper left corner of the door and and the screws are there but it looks like it pulls out from the inside so do you have to pull the cover off?

the lint basket is in and is clean.

the knob switch looks and seems to be working fine and I tryed all the possisions and in everyone they did the same thing when i pushed in the start switch.

however there are lots of wires conected to the back of the start switch,

 and I am not sure how to check it other than checking to see if all the little levers that the start switch moves were moving to there fullest.
I was hopeing that this is a common problem with this unit and someone might be familiar with it.

This dryer doesnt have a timer it sinces when the cloths are dry I think by one of the thermostats witch i think it has three total and the two that I can see look ok.

 I mean not brown or burnt looking but that might not mean anything and the other one is farther up on the drum and I cant totally see it.

I do have A schematic for my dryer but its glued to the back of the dial cover so its not flat but I could maybe try taking A photo of it and post it here if I could figure that out.

other than that Im not real good at reading these schematics.

 whats frustrating is that it doesnt show the location of the parts in the unit.

and then the parts diagrams I have seen online dont give a name to the part, just the manufactures part number then you have to look up that number to see if thats the one your looking at.

I couldnt even find the schematic for my dryer online.

As far as tests go I really didnt do any except for what I discribed earlier in the post.

However I did put A volt meter on the 2 thermostats that I could get to or that I saw from the back and they showed continuity but I didnt disconnect them from the dryer.

would that mater?

and I suspect that one cant buy the motor switch by its self?

 I know the dryer is over 30 years old but it has been very faithful so I dont want to give up on her just yet.

thank you for any and all help.


A common occurrence was the wires to the door switch run behind the element and after a while may melt and break. You can test this from the timer area. From the back (power off of course) ,remove the 5 or 6 screws on the top of the rear panel. Lift the top of the machine at the back 2 inches and them slide it forward about 2 inches. The top will lift up from the front. Be careful as all wires are still connected,don't pull one loose. You can look down from the top on the front area and maybe find the broken wire.

Yes Hello
 I sorry but im not sure I under stand exactly what your telling me.

I allready have the back off as well as the top cover to where the dial is but there isnt a timer on this unit. I assume you mean the cover to the dial and when you say lift top off do you mean the covering on top over the drum? and if so I didnt see any screws.

can you please tell me more so I know what to look for I belive what your telling me is to lift the top cover off slightly by sliding it forward about 2 inches and then pulling the front with the door out slightly. and then I would be able to get to the wires is that right? im just not sure where the screws are if thats what you are saying?

Thanks again for all your help

You have no timer as it is an electronic control unit. The screws hold the whole top of the machine on from the back. Just remove those 5 or 6 screws and whole top of the machine lifts up 2 inches, then slide forward 2 inches. Lift the top at the front and you can look down from the top at element and wires.


OK I did that and both wires appear to be connected its  a very tight space in there however both wires are attached because there both snug when I apply force to them.

also I noticed that when I plug the dryer in the bell rings very shortly. also when I open the door and push the select button in nothing happens.

Should I take the door switch out and check it?

It just looks like it might hard getting it back in and don't want to do it unless you recommend it 



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