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Two dryers that used to work now do not

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Do you have continuity between Grey 51 and Red 31 with wires off and no power?

richard dicarlo:
grey51-red31 shows connectivity with the power plugged in but no connectivity with the power unplugged.

On the motor switch with no power and wires off? That is the motor overload protector. If it is no continuity, bad motor.

richard dicarlo:
first thanks for the help.
not exactly sure how to check the motor switch. I was suspecting the motor. 

second if that is the problem with both what would cause it?

On the motor look for the wires ( from the back of the machine) remove both wires and put meter on continuity (ohms) check between the grey and red on the switch, should read as a closed circuit. Is the meter you are using digital? If so put on 200k ohms and you should get 000 across the meter. (closed circuit no resistance) 


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