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Two dryers that used to work now do not

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richard dicarlo:
I have a Maytag Neptune MDE3000 and a frigidaire fde7976fs0 dryers that will not start. Both worked recently but have stopped. On both dryers I have checked the following: start switch, door switch and the thermal fuses, all show to be working properly. No sound from either when the start button is pressed.

I always start by checking voltage at the outlet and check the cord where it attaches to the dryer. This is where the wiring diagram comes in handy. You will need to follow the circuit to the motor, checking for voltage or continuity through each component. Sounds like you have done the right things so far.

richard dicarlo:
I have checked the voltage on both at the terminal box, shows 220v. Do I need to check for voltage or continuity from the box to the motor?

Thanks for the help.

richard dicarlo:
How do I  check if the motor(s) are good?

richard dicarlo:
motor shows 120v between blue 28 and ground.


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