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I used to do hauling, and was lifting some pretty big items to put into my truck - often stacking them.  I promised myself I'd get out before 45.

I'm still lifting appliances, but not near as often.  I'm also looking into building a lift gate for my truck, so I'll never have to lift 'em again.


Been lifting all my life, started young bailing hay (90 pound square bales) in the sixties. Still throwing hay, 70's I set mobile homes, we used concrete blocks & pads back then.  Bailed a lot of hay also.  Late 70's & early 80"s  Oil field work,  Mid 80's till '06  threw a lot of fertilizer & feed bags, farm work, physical labor, lots of lifting.  Hay bailing not as much, make 'im round now days   My sciatic nerve gets pinched once in a while, very aggravating,  I aint young anymore but I keep on ticking.  My friends tell me I'm a tough ol' fart.

I started this appliance business 2 years ago, at the urging of friends, cause I have been repairing all my life, do repairs on most everything.  Gave up farming2006. Been working for a grocery chain for the last six years throwing potatoes as I say.  Do it for the health insurance they provide for my family.  Goal is to be prosperous enough to solo 100% & afford the health insurance.

Weather down here in South Texas has been wet & cold (our standards 40degrees is cold.  Wind always blows down here 20+ mph.  Today sun was shining but we are still in the low 40's with blustering wind. Expected morning low mid to low 30's.


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