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We have a Tromm Front Load washer WM2277HW that is making a loud tapping noise during the spin cycle.  When I turn the drum by hand it is quite and turns easily.  It will run through its cycles and works and drains fine, no leaks or noises.  After its been spinning for a min or so I will hear the noise.  It will go away as the machine slows down to stop.  No error codes show up.  The noise is loud enough to be heard from upstairs.  The washing machine sits on concrete in the downstairs laundry room.  It is not a humm noise more of a Bang Bang Bang when the machine gets up to speed.


Does it sound like the tub hitting the inside of the cabinet?

I would take a look at the shock absorbers to make sure they are still attached to the tub and base of the washer ok.
Would also check to see if maybe a wire harness or hose is slapping against something once the washer gets up to speed.

Is the washer level with all the legs touching the floor and locked in place with their locking nuts?

Good morning,

I took the back of the machine and checked.  It does not look like anything is hitting outside and the machine is level.  Also the springs on top and the shock absorbers seem to be ok.  The outside drum will move freely and the inside drum will turn freely.  It sounds like the sound is from inside the drum towards the back.  I took the back of the motor off to see if I could see anything that might be hitting.  With no luck.  Spinning the drum by hand, I could not hear anything.

Could be the rear drum bearings failing. About how old is the washer?

It is around 2 years old.  If it is the rear drum, how ugly is it to fix?


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