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eletrolux model 4178110200

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Yeah, I looked under Electrolux and Frigidaire, but I don't see anything either.

If that's a 417 model number, wouldn't that make it a Kenmore? Are there any $ears techs on here that can look in LIS?

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Stac is whom said there is service flash out on it. They however don't have it yet I just checked voltage off the control on one that was doing it and the voltage was steady someone had ordered control and motor per stac so I replaced both noise gone I have just been replacing motors would like know if what I have been doing is correct

Ok first the 417 and the electrolux are the same unit just different  numbers, the fix for the noise is replace the blower housing ,motor latch and motor bracket. This is from the people that make them. Will this work,I cant say yet,but have the parts ordered for two more of them Will update. Funny thing is they are the same part numbers they always were. ???


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