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What size compressor?


Hey can anyone please tell me what size of compressor is this? "JFC1-0025-1AA-209" thanking you all in advance.

If i had to guess I would say a 2 ton. What size place is it cooling? Condo?


Well, it is R-12 so no replacement is available, not to mention which you do not want to know how much R-12 would cost, IF you could even find it.

Your model seems to be 1000 to 1200 BTU, so I presume this is a small refrigreator or cooler????    I was initially going to say 2 ton based on the "0025" but it appears that is not the case.

Question was asked in HVAC I presumed it was for air conditioning. What are we cooling? Got any photos? HVAC online is crappy to say the least. Let me see what you have.


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