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service manual for kenmore elite 970445441

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Hello everyone.
happy new year.
I need help with this model c970-445441 kenmore elite gas/elctric range.
I am looking for a service manual.
thank you in advance.


What is wrong with it?

one of the burners won't  lite. it doesn't make the clicking sound when you turn it on.
but it does lite with other burners ignitor  switch. I want to change to ignitor switch.
But i wasn't successful lifting up the top of the range. i tried using a flat knife on the
sides, but nothing happened
thanks for your reply.


Please stop posting the same message over and over. I have already deleted four of your post because they all said the same thing.

I can not find a service manual for this model. Maybe another tech will have some info for us.

You have a bad ignitor switch. Which is behind the knob. If you remove the knob, it's the white part that you see. They come wired together as a set. To lift the top, you have to remove the screws from each burner, then remove the screws under each burner, then use a putty knife to release the clips on the front. You will also have to remove the cover in front of the valves to replace the ignitor switch assembly. Try searching Youtube for Frigidaire range, this range is Friggy built.


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