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LG WM2101HW makes awful noise during spin cycle - bearing?

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Hi everyone,

New to the forum.

I have a roughly 3 year old LG WM2101HW washer that has begun making a horrible noise when it turns the drum. The noise is most evident during spin cycle. If I try to turn the drum by hand, it feels like it "grinds" or "rumbles". I think it's a bearing that's gone bad.

From the little I have read, replacing this is unfortunately a big deal... Has anyone done this? Does anyone have a repair manual for this type of washer?

I'm bummed that it's only 3 years old and it's already gone bad. I had expected more :-(

Here is the service manual.;sa=view;down=446

Sounds like it could be a problem with the tub bearings.

Would also not hurt to take a close look at the inner basket to make sure something is not poking through one of the holes and rubbing on the outer tub as the basket spins around.

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for posting.

Also check to make sure the bolt holding the basket to the motor is tight. I've seem them back out before causing the same noise.

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Thanks guys. I'll see what I can figure out in terms of the bolt vs basket.

A related question: Is this typical for LG washers? I had hoped it would last quite a bit longer

Typical for FRONT loaders not just LG. LG puts out a great product thats very reliable. If I find tub bearing failure in 3 years or so, its been under or over loaded throughout its life. More than likely needs rear outer tub bearings but is also possible that the rotor mounting bolt (17mm) has come loose, but those are two TOTALLY different noises. If it howls and sounds like a jet, bearings are in order.  :D


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