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Wow, that's crazy.

Good to know though, thanks for the update.  O0

I've replaced four lid switches in the last week. All misdiagnosed as a control board failure by W/P...

What's funny is all of the latches had the same problem. A small piece of plastic inside cracked. W/P really needs to get their act together on these parts.

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About a month ago I ran into a VMW series washer with a wash cloth jammed in the pump.  It caused the board to blow as well.  big burn mark between the 2 boards.  You couldnt see the burn mark from the back of the board though where the wire terminals are at.  You had to pry the boards apart to see it.

I had one of these that shorted the board several months ago.   Same symptom - Green light,  wouldn't do anything or go into diagnostic.     I installed new board,  and it immediatly shorted out.   Got another board,   but this time I checked everything out.   In my case,   I replaced the shifter before replacing control.     Ohmed out shifter,  and was not the same as the new one.      Put in control,  and BAM   worked like new.   I Agree PK,  these washers suck if your the owner of them.    It was the only board that I have had shorted so far.     Morale of story - I'm checking out other components for short before replacing board the next time.     


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