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The board had a green light, but would not enter diagnostics, door light flashing.  I replaced the board and the door lock, and the new board immediately burned on power up.  Board was wired right, impossible to miss wire this board.  Upon removal of the board, the big resistor d040 was burned on both boards.  Since its a Kenmore, I cannot call Whirlpool technical support.  Any suggestions?  I have ohmed the lid switch, motor and shifter, and all seem to be OK.

The only other things the control does is the pump and the water valve. Did you check to see if anything was jamming the pump?

Check the restraint down by the drive motor. Had one burn up and caused a short which blew the board. Sorry don't remember what area was bad on the board but same  problem with no diagnostics on control as well.

What ended up being the problem with this washer then?

I found a shorted pump and shifter.  The pump has some melting on it, and shifter has no continuity and smells burned up. I have a new pump and shifter, and  I am still waiting for a new board to put it back together and see if it burns the new board too.  I will let you know,  I was going to post with the final outcome.  Boy these washers suck. Going to cost the customer $350.00 for a 2 year old washer.  I don't know why the shifter, and pump shorted, burning the board.  I will now always check for shorted parts at the board when I work on these in the future.  Bring back the direct drive!!


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