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Lg dle5977w no heat.

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I have an lg dle5977w. The dryer runs but no heat. Blows lots of cold air out of vent. The "dry" light is flashing and the "cooling" light is on steady. Any thoughts?

This should be flashing DRYING during a call for heat... :D

Check wall receptacle for 220 volts

Inspect TERMINAL BLOCK (where dryer plug connects to dryer) for loose/burned wiring.

On the left side of the Heater Housing (near the center)---check the continuity of the THERMAL LIMITER (6931EL3003D)---replace if failed.

If replacing a failed THERMAL LIMITER---also replace the THERMOSTAT (6931EL3001E) which located on the Heater Housing directly behind the THERMAL LIMITER.

Inspect the entire exhaust vent system---hire a professional vent cleaning company if necessary to assure that the venting is cleaned/cleared.

Gosh, I Re-read the OP and all seems well with the indicator LEDS. Follow Johns guide for success. More than likely, blown thermal cutoff located on the ELEMENT. Replacement yields full inspection/cleaning of venting system. :D

<<<The "dry" light is flashing and the "cooling" light is on steady. Any thoughts?>>>


Flashing "DRY" lamp simply indicates that the dryer is running.

The "COOLING" lamp indicates that the Heating Element is off.


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